Mentorship Program


At Macdonald Realty, we are grateful to have been able to serve the British Columbia real estate market for over 70 years. As some brokerages have a tendency to come and go over the years, our longevity has contributed to our constant focus in delivering the best possible client experience rooted in quality, integrity, and professionalism. This is why we have invested in a unique six-month mentorship program to help new advisors start their career on the right path.

The focus of this program is to set new licensees up for success by having them work alongside a selected group of experienced advisors that will act as mentors. Real estate is a tough industry and on average 50% of new real estate professionals will give up after 5 years. We believe that by partnering and investing in a new advisors’ learning and development, we will overcome these challenges and be on the right path to success. New advisors can expect to learn best practices, understand how to manage the complexities of the real estate industry, and develop tactics to help grow their business.

During the six-month program, the mentor will guide the new licensee as they fulfill their BCREA. The new licensee will also shadow their mentor’s day-to-day business operations to provide them with a full spectrum introduction to the business. This includes elements such as listing presentations, CMA preparation, offer negotiation, and marketing. The goal is to help the licensee establish a solid foundation to advance their career and gain confidence in all the responsibilities required as a real estate professional at Macdonald Realty.


    Additional benefits of the Mentorship PrograM:

    • Regular development meetings with the Managing Broker or program administrator to track progress and support the licensee through their Component 3 assignments.
    • Access to Institute, a top online learning platform for real estate professionals
    • Upon certification, access to Macdonald Realty’s propertitory Learning and Development program, Connected Learning
    • Opportunities to build relationships with top producers in your area
    • While the program is finite in length, mentors and licensees often continue their relationship after the end of the Mentorship Program. 

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