Interested in taking the next step in your real estate career? Macdonald Realty is looking for real estate professionals like you. Over the years, our culture of partnership has been vital to our success. It’s why we place a big emphasis on finding the right fit. If this is something that excites you, we’d love to chat further about your business goals and where those synergies may lie.


Hi, I'm Jim  


Are you looking to jump start your real estate career? Let me share with you the philosophy, tools and development opportunities that Macdonald Realty provides to our people!

I'm a real estate advisor with Macdonald Realty and spent time at our international office in Shanghai before returning to Vancouver. I'm now running my business out of our office in Kerrisdale and would be happy to share my experience with you about working in this company.  

Talk soon,
Jim Kung


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