How to become a licensed real estate advisor in British Columbia

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Getting started

Here you’ll find an excellent resource on how to become a Real Estate Trading Services Representative in B.C.

Under the direction of the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, the Real Estate Division of the University of British Columbia is responsible for administering the Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course.


The course takes a minimum of ten weeks to complete all of the required assignments, plus extra time to book and take the examination. The course can be taken at a more leisurely pace, depending on your schedule. The examination itself can either be done on one of the predetermined examination dates, or you may decide to pay an additional fee to take the exam on a computer at UBC. The benefit of the latter is that you normally receive your result within 24 hours as opposed to 2-3 weeks.

Choosing the right brokerage for you is the key – and we recommend that you take the time to interview with 5-6 different ones to determine the best fit with your own objectives. One of the keys is to find out how a brokerage will help you through the rigorous 4-5 month Applied Practice Course that follows successful completion of the Licensing Course.

Macdonald Realty offers a unique mentorship program that helps newly licensed real estate agents hit the ground running and learn the skills necessary to build their business.

Learn about our mentorship program here.